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NorthWard Offshore main focus are to have high focus on safety for vessel, crew and passengers.

• Bridge responsible for performing of all startup and tests of propellers, thrusters and vessels safety system. This including normal control and backup control system.

• Approval of maneuvering capacity alongside pier for safe maneuvering before and at seatrial, including permisssion to sail from class or Norwegian Maritime Authority(NMA).

• Verification of all personells certificates and record this in sea trial documentation.

• Responsible for Fire & Safety plan. Fire and Safety plan to be verified by class or NMA before seatrial. Report to yard about missing equipment and fault in plan/drawing.

• Prepare vessel for safe sea trials according to good seamanship.

• Responsible for testing and verification of all navigation equipment.

• Prepare alarm instruction for crew and passengers according to NMA checklist.

• Dynamic Position approval, both DP 2 & DP 3. Perform customer acceptance test(CAT) and sea acceptance test(SAT) for yard.

• Participate in FMEA approval by supplier of documetation.

• Make deviation list on all bridge equipment and suppliers equipment for yard.

• In general all work that shipyard want to be done before delivering of vessel to yards customer.

• Perform extra trials on demand by yard.